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Negotiating With Clients: In The Eye Of The Storm

Event Company Singapore: Last time, we talked about how you and your event company Singapore can prepare for that crucial final negotiation with your client. Now that you've reached that crucial point where negotiations are in full swing, here are some tips and hints on handling negotiations in a timely and professional manner:

Don't compete with your client

Remember, it's not a competition between you and your client. As you're representing your event company Singapore, it's important to reach a consensus so in order to do so, make the relationship with your client seem so important that it’s worth the extra effort to make reasonable concessions on both sides.

Say no to last-minute demands

Don't let your client put your event company Singapore between a rock and a hard place with these last-minute demands. There is that possibility that the client is merely testing to see how you might react to the situation to determine if the deal is fair to both parties. Play your cards right and watch out for any such signs of deception on the part of the client.

Know when to stop before you go too far

When it comes to negotiating, you have to know when to stop and when to keep on going. If the negotiation is going well and you've got most of what you want, don't keep negotiating any further. If you're approximately 90% to clinching the deal, your event company Singapore has the deal in the bag.

Don't stop negotiating until the contract is signed

Keep on negotiating the deal between your event company Singapore and your client until it's finalised. Don't let your guard down once there's a meeting of the minds, because until the contract is actually signed by both parties, nothing has been set in stone so don't pop the champagne just yet.

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