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Organising A Successful Event Like A Pro

Event Company Singapore: As you all know, organising an event is not a simple task, having to face various challenges. As we've previously covered this aspect before, in order for everything to go well here are a few more ways to successfully organise your event like a pro:

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Always have a plan B

Always check the location in person as early as the selection stage, and ensure the venue you've chosen for your event meets your criteria. At the most unexpected moment it could turn out the air conditioning doesn’t work properly in the hall, there are no toilets for the disabled or the equipment won’t get through the door. Therefore, check such issues in advance and have some contingency plans in case of emergency. The last thing you want is something to go wrong and your event staff have no clue where the emergency exits are.

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Delegate tasks to your staff accordingly

It is very important to distribute tasks among the team members not only during the planning process but also during the event itself. Allocate responsibilities and delegate tasks accordingly, for example someone is responsible for the registration zone, someone else for greeting the speakers, a different person for the equipment, for catering, communication with the press, etc. Every person needs to have their area of responsibility, which they should be responsible for throughout the entire duration of the event.

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Tell your audience

In order to ensure the successful promotion of an event, the type of event, its target audience, internal resources and the budget all determine your marketing approach. When choosing your media partners, focus on those who target your audience and it’s always better to have a few partners but targeted ones, rather than talk about the event to just about everyone. Also, create one key message that will be broadcast on all channels and make sure it is brief and accurately conveys the idea of the event to your audience.

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Final check a day before the event

Make sure that you’ve informed the participants of how to get to the location, invited all the important guests, and prepared the printed materials, audio and video content and also check whether everyone understands his or her tasks and responsibilities and whether the space is ready. Be sure to print out the event programme, let each member of the team and volunteers have a copy, and give everyone the main contact phone number for communication with one another in the event of an emergency.

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event company Singapore

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