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Planning Sports Events Like A Pro

Event Company Singapore: Nothing quite says "spirit of competition" like a good sporting event; promote sportsmanship and friendly competition is all part and parcel of organising a good sporting event. When it comes to sports event planning though, there may be some questions running through your mind as an event company Singapore planner over what is required in terms of logistics and venue layout. So let's look at some ideas and ways to plan your own sporting event.:

Don't cut the game short

It’s understandable that your event company Singapore would want to squeeze in as many matches as possible within the stipulated time, but participants shouldn’t be made to feel like they’re getting the short end of the stick at the expense of maximising profit. Therefore, adjust your event according to the type of sport (e.g. a basketball or soccer match shouldn’t be relegated to mere two three-minute rounds). Also, sometimes games can be delayed thus causing the event to end later than expected so shorten the intermission time or speed up the venue-cleanup instead if possible.

Ample dressing rooms & lockers

Before booking a suitable venue, ensure there is a dressing room or locker area (divided by gender, of course) where participants can change into their uniforms. Determine ahead of time the location of these rooms and ensure that these rooms are open on the day of the event. If participants have to get changed out in the open in the back of the facility, it doesn't bode well for your event company Singapore because you didn’t check to ascertain if dressing rooms were open for your athletes.

Handing out trophies and medals

Medals and trophies are all part and parcel of sporting events to honour athletes who come out on top in competitive play. Hand out specially made medals and trophies to top competitors while they stand up on one of those placing pedestals, allowing the winners to feel like they really accomplished something while friends and families look on and take pictures. Also, if your event company Singapore is running a for-profit event, a trophy customisation table can be set aside where for a small fee, participants can have their trophies or medals customised with their name, date, and name of event.

Organise different styles of competition

Instead of having solely one kind of sport, why not mix it up a little for variety's sake? Instead of just a basketball match, you can also organise a three-point shooting contest on the side for example. Contrary to traditional sporting events, this is merely a good way of mixing things up a bit in order to allow competitors to test their skills in a different way. Your event company Singapore can also hold separate trophies or prizes for these side events, and even have spectators compete for fun!

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