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Problems Every Event Planner Endures

Event Company Singapore: Let's face it, no matter how much we love our jobs especially when you're an event planner at a prestigious event company Singapore, there are times when you just hate what you're doing and you want to get away from it all. Since this site is focused on the fine art of event planning, here are some confessions from event planners who have a love-hate relationship with their jobs:

"People's attitudes suck when it comes to events..."

When it comes to planning a major event, it can be draining and taxing on your personal and professional lives, no doubt. However, the attitudes of some employees at your event company Singapore can sometimes fall into one of two categories: either they think it's going to be truly exciting and fun, or they feel that the event is nothing more than a waste of time. The latter proves to be detrimental, as these kind of employees threaten to derail any momentum before anything can get started and that can kill the event before it even has a chance to begin.

"The CEO's presentations are really bad..."

This one's a dilemma for many event company Singapore employees, especially event planners. Your CEO could be effectual and charming outside of work, but in the boardroom he might be the exact opposite. In fact, he may not be as effective in bringing ideas across, he contradicts himself at every turn, he might be tumbling over himself, and so on and so forth. You want to provide constructive feedback to help your CEO every which way, but if he's the headstrong type he can rebuff your advances because he claims to know more than you do. He does pay your wages after all, so all you can do is hang back and not risk losing your job in the process.

"...Everything will sort themselves out, don't worry"

This one's a little self-explanatory: there will always be that one manager (or two) who's on their first day on the job at your event company Singapore, and they already have their own ideas fleshed out for everyone on the event planning team to abide by to the letter. When this happens, this can cause everything to come to a literal standstill, especially when all the budgeting and expenditure for events have already been planned out a year in advance and this manager comes in fresh out of the woodwork changing everything on a whim. It's immensely frustrating to have to deal with this problem, and the new manager would promptly tell you that everything's fine without realising the ramifications of their actions.

"...Why are they taking their own sweet time deciding?"

Now, it's understandable that making decisions in a large event company Singapore can be quite a slow and daunting process, especially with the many policies and restrictions in place. However, this can cause many event planners to feel like they've hit a brick wall and that can put a dampener on their event. This problem is further exacerbated by the fact that event planning needs to be done quickly and efficiently, and you can't get certain things such as the event budget signed off on asap when slow decision making comes into play on the part of company management.

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