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Problems Of Organising Green Events

Event Company Singapore: Green events are basically events that cater to environmental causes and often incorporate environmentally-friendly initiatives and ideas into the planning process. Unbeknownst to many event organisers, these events do actually prove to be more problematic to execute and pull off than expected. Here are a few problems faced when organising these green events: leading event company singapore #1 event company in singapore

1. Green events can be quite costly

This is actually more of a common misconception than anything. While it may be presumed that green events are more costly to organise than normal events, not to mention using organic non-biodegradable materials which may be more expensive, the truth is the cost difference is not that significant and the materials used are of higher quality. Top Event Company Singapore

2. Stakeholders may not see any value in green events

Sometimes, stakeholders can find green events hardly sustainable, even financially difficult, to organise. A good way to overcome this is by highlighting the positive impact of a green event on the company’s brand image. A well-organised green event can become a huge talking point in the PR circles and eventually help elevate their business's reputation significantly. Best Event Company in Singapore leading event company singapore

3. The supply chain may not be entirely green

Whether it’s the venue, the suppliers, the contractors, or the sub-contractors, at no point during the organisation of green events should there be any negative impact on the environment from the practices and materials involved. This can be taken care of simply by looking around for suppliers who follow sustainability standards and are committed to being environmentally conscious as well. Nowadays it’s easy to source eco-friendly materials as the number of suppliers has increased as of late. Event Company Singapore

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