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Qualities Of Aspiring Event Planners

Event Company Singapore: Event planning can be a thankless job at times, and extremely stressful so much so that event planners and coordinators were listed as the fifth most stressful job in the world back in 2016. But rather than let this statistic put people off, let us take a look at 5 qualities of industry veterans from the top event company in Singapore, Se7en Friday, that aspiring event planners can learn from:

1. Good people skills

One of the most important skills, if not the most essential skill, is having good people skills. As an event planner, being able to communicate effectively with all sorts of people ranging from high-level executives and government representatives to vendors and suppliers, and even your own colleagues, is a given. Good people skills equate to being able to manage and resolve any conflicts and negotiate deals, all while keeping your cool and throwing in a dash of humour to lighten up the proceedings. best event company singapore

2. Provide a listening ear

On top of being excellent orators, event planners must also be good listeners. One must be able to understand the demands of key stakeholders and sponsors for your events, especially if they're not in the same industry as you and may not be as perspicacious as they might think. Therefore, it's imperative for you as an event planner to readily listen and understand to what they're trying to convey through their words and body language in order to discern their needs and wants and stay ahead of the planning process. #1 event company in singapore

3. Organizational skills are on point

Running an event requires you as an event planner to be juggling multiple things all at once. Therefore, being able to organize and multi-task is a definite prerequisite especially if you want your event to be pulled off smoothly without a hitch. Have a set of foolproof contingency plans available in case of emergency, detailed step-by-step checklists of everything needed for the event and some handy technological innovations to make the event a resounding success. Being able to look at the big picture without neglecting any minute details is part and parcel of event planning. event company singapore

4. Remain calm under pressure

Good event planners are able to keep themselves calm and collected under duress, even when they're being hammered from all sides akin to being between a rock and a hard place. Your planning team needs a leader who's confident and able to be decisive amidst insurmountable pressure, and as an aspiring event planner it's important for you to learn how to be zen and completely at peace when calling the shots under pressure. leading event company in singapore

5. Love & passion for the job

Working in events management has its pitfalls and zeniths, but at the end of the day event planners do what they do because they love their job. Having that burning passion drives one to do their very best, overcoming the trials and tribulations of their work whilst being reinvigorated by sudden bouts of inspiration that get their creative juices flowing. Passion is what keeps event planners going the extra mile, it's more than a paycheque it's their life. event company singapore


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With over 20 years of event organising and event management experience, we're happy to share our concepts of a spectacular event with you!



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