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Sales Tips For Event Planners 101

Event Company Singapore: Even though you're an event planner, you need to learn how to sell especially to potential clients who are interested in what you're offering. Here are some fundamental tips for your career in event planning while being able to sell and market your brand:

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1. Research is important

Before speaking with your potential clients, get to know more about them by doing some research on them and their nature of business, then customise your call or meeting. This gets their attention and shows you pay attention to the details. #1 event company in singapore

2. Set up meetings with a specific tone and agenda

Set up meetings with your clients with a specific agenda in mind, so as to keep your meetings on track and to accomplish your meeting and sales goals. Prior to the call or meeting, send the agenda to your client and ask them if there’s anything they’d like to make any amendments to. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Build a relationship with your client

Never forget to forge a relationship with budding clients, you are selling your services to them after all. It is often overlooked and one of the biggest mistakes event planners make, so don't repeat this crucial mistake. Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Establish your niche

Establish yourself as a leader in your niche. This helps strengthen your conversations, sales and helps you attract new clients. Your clients want to be understood, so choose a niche you’re passionate about and can grow into. Event Company Singapore

5. Make a difference

Your potential clients don't care what you sell them, so long as your event services can help them every which way possible. If you focus on the tangible benefits your services provide your clients, such as helping them save on unnecessary costs from event vendors or how your expertise in social media will increase their ticket sales exponentially this year, they’re likely to get excited about that. leading event company singapore

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