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Shaken Not Stirred: Drink Ideas For Your Event

Event Company Singapore: Everyone loves a good drink from time to time, unless you've sworn off the booze and much rather stick to good old H2O (aka water). When it comes to events, having some alcohol is very much a prerequisite if you want to keep guests happy and satisfied. Well, here are some ideas for drinks that should quench their thirst throughout the night:

Go intergalactic

If you're planning a sci-fi themed event, like a Star Wars gala on May the 4th for instance, why not go for some (inter)stellar drinks to satiate even the most conservative stormtrooper? You can put your own alcoholic spin on some blue milk for instance, or perhaps you can go boldly where no one has gone before with some Arcturian fizz to please your guests! Your event company SIngapore is sure to please every ardent sci-fi fan!

Shaped fruit

Use fruits of your choice to add shape and texture to drinks in elegant fashion! You can add in an exotic twist with fruits such as pomegranates, starfruit, cranberries and the like. If you can't get the fruits you want, you can get your event company Singapore to help order some special fruits to aid in your fruity endeavours.

Popsicle spritzers

How about taking a little inspiration from your childhood? Combine popsicles made with various flavours of your choice with some alcoholic spritzers, and serve them up chilled in customised wine glasses for your guests. You can go for this unique combination if your event company Singapore is planning a special fundraiser event geared towards reliving those memories of old, for instance.

Pouring drinks with style

Instead of going for unique drinks, why not impress your guests with style and substance instead? Your event company Singapore can hire a spate of talented bartenders to serve up classic drinks albeit with a deft level of jaw-dropping showmanship to wow your guests. You can also get guests to engage with these bartenders in specialised cocktail workshops where they can learn the ropes and mix their favourite drinks with style and panache!

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