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5 Etiquette Tips You Need At An Event

Event Company Singapore: Attending any event can be quite nerve-racking, especially if you have to mingle with other guests and network with new people along the way. But with the following 5 tips and hints, your social etiquette at events courtesy of any given event company Singapore will be improved in no time:

1. Make sure you look presentable before the event

Before the event, head to the restroom to check yourself: is your hair neat and tidy? Do you need to add more lipstick? Is there anything stuck in your teeth? Making yourself look pristine and presentable creates a good first impression, especially when meeting new people at any event organised by an event company Singapore.

2. Be confident when introducing yourself

When introducing yourself at an event organised by a prestigious event company Singapore, be calm and assertive yet friendly in your tone and body posture; you don't want to appear too nervous or out of your depth. Also, state your name in full when introducing yourself especially for the first time; offering your first name alone can come across as being rude or unsophisticated, or both.

3. Be engaging and intriguing to other guests

After exchanging pleasantries, be well-equipped with a list of conversational topics on hand. Be it movies, literature, current affairs or music, make it a point to engage your guests with topics of mutual interest to keep the conversation flowing organically. At any given event held by an event company Singapore, being engaging and making other guests feel comfortable is essential to making a good first impression.

4. End your conversations on a good note

Make every conversation short and sweet so you can continue mingling with other guests. End your conversation with a firm handshake and a farewell greeting along the lines of "It's been a pleasure talking to you" or "Good to meet you, I look forward to meeting you soon" and move on to the next guest.

5. Thank the host after the event

Before leaving, always thank the host of the event conducted by the event company Singapore for being gracious and making the evening especially wonderful (or any other flattering adjectives which come to mind). Be sure to tell them how much you enjoyed the event, even if you felt otherwise.

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