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Stressful Issues Shared By Event Planners

Event Company Singapore: From last-minute changes to procrastinating clients, being an event planner has more than its fair share of frustrations and stressors.. Luckily, executing a successful event makes everything else (like the crazy long hours) worth it. Here are some of the biggest issues shared by event planners: leading event company singapore

1. Waiting for confirmation of your event

A huge moment of frustration stems from having to wait what may seem like eons for your event to be confirmed, even more when you have to watch the booking window for your venue of choice narrowing at a fast pace the longer it takes to confirm the event. If a stakeholder is holding up the confirmation of the event you are less likely to get your first choice venue, especially during busy periods. This could affect the standard of your event.#1 event company in singapore

2. Last minute changes out of the blue

Even when all the planning and details have been set in stone, sometimes your clients might throw a spanner in the works and introduce some last minute changes which can threaten to derail the entire process. Sometimes, this is often caused by a senior member of the client team who wasn’t involved. It can be extremely difficult to re-message and sometimes re-brand an event at very short notice without wasting money and blowing the budget. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Procrastination is the thief of time

Event planners know that schedules are key to keeping everything on track and running smoothly. But clients aren’t always so wise, and they might think they know more about managing an event than the planners themselves. So from deciding on the theme to who is actually going to speak, delays eat away at the effectiveness of the budget which results in rush rates simply because the decision process takes so much longer than expected when clients decide to get hands on without knowing what's going on. Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Sudden no-shows

Finding out on the day of the event that one or two of your speakers are no-shows for whatever reason is a frustration shared by many event planners. As you scramble for last-minute replacements and/or arrangements to amend the event schedule, one tactic is to always oversubscribe an event in preparation for the dropouts which are inevitably going to happen. Event Company Singapore

5. Expect the unexpected

No matter how much preparation and planning goes into an event, you know there’s going to be an element of the unexpected on the day of your event. When running events it’s the unexpected elements that seem to have the ability to curtail everything at the last minute, that cause the most frustrations. Therefore, you have to write down every possible scenario well in advance so you can formulate a plan B in case plan A doesn't come to fruition. leading event company singapore

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