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The Best Music For Any Event 101

Event Company Singapore: Be it subtle background music at a conference, or '50s rock 'n' roll at an anniversary party, choosing the right tunes is essential to your event. The music you choose can either make or break an event, thus either making your event company Singapore either very pleased or rather annoyed depending. We're here to show you what music is best suited for each occasion, so let's jump right into it:

Corporate events

When it comes to corporate events, the occasion is more staid and formal compared to most other events so you might want to go for music that is subtle and barely noticeable yet still maintaining the ambience and an air of calm. You can discuss with your event company Singapore on creating a personalised playlist of tunes ranging from Mozart and Chopin to Bach and Vivaldi that could help set the mood properly. Soundtracks help smooth over mingling and chatting, and can give a corporate event an air of sophistication.

Music for weddings and other parties

When it comes time for you and your event company Singapore to plan weddings and any other events, the musical possibilities seem virtually endless. Music tastes can range anywhere from K-pop tunes to contemporary reggae and even slower classical numbers for towards the end of the night. It all depends on the intended theme and what musical proclivity the guests are interested in. You don’t need a band or a DJ, just create your very own customisable playlist using music platforms like Spotify, Pandora or Apple Music, and if you don’t have the time to put one together yourself, choose one of the many that are already featured.

Awards ceremonies and the like

When your event company Singapore team are planning the music for awards ceremonies (e.g. the Grammys, Emmys, Oscars), it's important to note that the music is there not only to set the mood, but to help keep the event progressing by letting people know when it’s time to come up to the stage, or to wrap up those award speeches to keep the show going uninterrupted. It’s also great for creating an air of tension and excitement, like for example during the build-up to the award announcement drum rolls can be played to create anticipation, followed by a blast and fanfare on the announcement.

Extravagant sporting events

At sporting events such as the Super Bowl or the Olympics, there is a tendency to offer musical breaks in order to bring pop culture and sports together. As your event company Singapore plans such events that feature heavy fanfare and bombastic celebrations, it's important that some events as previously mentioned would feature various popular musical acts that would perform their hit numbers during the half-time shows to entertain spectators and players alike. Another more important tradition that cannot be overlooked is to sing the national anthems of the playing teams’ countries, as it not only does it officially begin the activities, but it also boosts morale and evokes national pride.

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