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The Makings Of A Great Event Planner

Event Company Singapore: At the heart of every event company Singapore belies an event planner who is more than a jack of all trades. All-rounded, hardworking and dedicated are just a few of the traits more commonly associated with event planners from the outset. But what makes an event planner truly great? Let us now look at some characteristics that make a great event planner:

Stays calm under pressure

Working a hectic schedule at any event company Singapore, not to mention dealing with tough clients while weathering the figurative storm can wear down any professional to the point of exhaustion. What separates most event planners from other professionals is their superhuman ability to stay calm even under immense pressure, which puts them on par with Buddhist monks and their proclivity for seeking peace amongst the chaos.

Consummate professionalism

One of the marvellous things about event planners is their innate unyielding professionalism at all times. Even during events where they have every chance to let their hair down and let loose, the event planners don't succumb to the whims of booze and delicious food while on the job. This is due to the fact that event planners often see themselves as ambassadors/representatives for their event company Singapore, hence their every move is scrutinised down to the last minute detail.

Able to establish a good work/life balance

One of the biggest dangers is bringing your work home and letting it overwhelm your private life to the point you neglect the ones you love. Not so for event planners: due to the nature of their job where they don't have to work during office hours since events usually occur after hours, they have more flexibility with their time. Of course, being part of an event company Singapore isn't as cushy as it may seem, so event planners are able to disconnect and spend the time they have with their family and also getting ample rest to recharge for the day ahead.

Knows when to say 'No"

As any working professional can attest to, sometimes we bite off a little more than we can chew when we take on too much, all because we can't reject certain offers for fear we get snubbed for that all too important promotion. Not so when you work at an event company Singapore as an event planner. Event planners know better than to put all their eggs in one basket and take on everything that comes their way. Sometimes saying no is not a sign of weakness; it means they are headstrong and confident enough to not accept every single offer that comes their way out of some necessity to please others.

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