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The Most Unique Wedding Ideas

Event Company Singapore: Want your wedding to be just more than a traditional celebration? From tricked-out transportation to mouthwatering midnight snacks, take a sneak peek at some ideas that will make you think outside the box to make your special day that much more unique: leading event company singapore

1. Special transportation for your guests

If you're planning on bringing your guests from the ceremony to the reception, make the journey part of the fun by renting some transportation that is both creative and uniquely fun at the same time. Soar to new heights with a hot balloon ride, or maybe a horse-ridden carriage may be more your style if you want to include something a little more vintage. #1 event company in singapore

2. Cocktails before the ceremony

Surprise your guests with a table set with some cocktails and light beverages on the way into the wedding ceremony. Serve up some mimosas or fruit-infused iced teas they can sip before taking their seats. and don't forget to have non-alcoholic versions on hand too. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Taking care of the kids

Have a room with a babysitter or two prepared for the little ones when they get tired out; stock the room with snacks and games to keep them entertained, and make sure there's a soft sofa and blankets for when it comes to nap time. Make sure the room is located close to the reception so parents can check in once in a while. Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Unique party favours

Keep your guests comfortable all day by thinking ahead. Guests will appreciate a custom scented soap, or maybe even flip-flops (in your wedding colours) so they can take their shoes off and rest their feet. If you're planning an outdoor ceremony in the summer, provide a station with spray-on sunscreen and a stack of inexpensive sunglasses. Event Company Singapore

5. End the celebrations with a bang

If you play it right, your ceremony exit will be one of the most heavily photographed moments of your wedding, so jazz up the proceedings with colourful confetti, paper airplanes, mini beach balls, or even lavender buds for everyone to toss your way.Alternatively, go a step further by staging your own mini parade replete with parasols and noisemakers for your guests to escort you to your getaway car. leading event company singapore

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