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Things To Do The Day Before Your Event

Event Company Singapore: The day before your event is often the most crucial when it comes to making sure no stone is unturned and ensuring your event is a huge success. However, the trick is knowing what to do, where to focus your time and energy, and where to target your efforts. Here are 5 things you and your event company Singapore can do to pull off a major success:

1. Create an 'event box' for yourself

Creating an 'event box' is ultimately crucial leading up to the event, akin to a survival kit: fill it with the handouts for the event, some power cords, a first aid kit and some light snacks. If a guest needs to have their mobile device charged, or someone falls sick on the day itself, or even an attendee forgets their itinerary for instance, you would have your bases covered much to the delight of your event company Singapore.

2. Check weather updates constantly

If your event is to be held outdoors, have a backup plan to ensure you have some shelter or an indoor venue available nearby in the event of impending bad weather. If need be, send out notes to attendees via email or your event company Singapore social media with info pertaining to your backup plan in case of bad weather.

3. Do a final venue walkthrough

Doing a final walkthrough of the event venue will help you work out any kinks: lighting and audiovisual checks, assessing the layout to ensure guests will be comfortable moving about without feeling boxed in, checking the traffic flow to determine the best possible routes for attendees, and so on and so forth. Being perceptive is key to assuring your event company Singapore you have all your bases covered.

4. Confirm last-minute details with vendors

Meet with your vendors, e.g. photographers, caterers, AV technicians, etc to run through any final details and ensure they have everything in order leading up to the big day. This will help make sure your vendors are up to speed with the event details and itinerary on the day itself so that your event company Singapore won't be too worried about the event itself.

5. Take time to relax

This is vitally important for you, as being in tip-top shape for the event means you'll be on your feet most of the time. Make sure to get adequate rest and relax yourself physically and mentally for the big day ahead, and get enough sleep at least 8 hours. You are representing your event company Singapore on your big day, so being at your utmost best will be a defining moment and critical to the success of your event.

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