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Tight Budget Event Planning

Event Company Singapore: Just because you have a relatively small budget doesn't mean your event won't turn out well, it can be a resounding success so long as you know how to work around a tight budget. Here are some ways to plan your event on a tight budget: leading event company singapore

1. Food & drinks

Hire a caterer that is affordable and well within the budget, but still offers delicious meals to your guests. As for drinks, choose some signature cocktails over fine liquor and set up a water station instead of distributing bottled water to save costs effectively. #1 event company in singapore

2. Go digital, save on printing

Instead of printing out brochures for the event, why not distribute them digitally? Facilitate management and planning , registration, displaying schedules, sharing information about and around the event via a mobile optimised event specific website, an event app and/or using RFID wearables.Top Event Company Singapore

3. Negotiate with your suppliers

You can negotiate with your suppliers for better deals that fall well within your budget without exceeding the limit, while being upfront and honest with them. Look for package deals by having one or fewer suppliers, which can cut down some costs. Alternatively, your chosen venue may be able to offer you all or most of the services you need in the same deal or get you preferential rates with some recommended vendors. Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Hire volunteers for your event

Investing in volunteers is a good way to get extra manpower and back you up and your team during the event. Volunteers can contribute without necessarily adding cost,all they need is the right guidance and direct access to a key person in the management team in case something urgent needs to be attended to. Event Company Singapore

5. Organise your venue ahead of time

Finding a suitable venue is tougher with a limited budget or by incurring any last minute booking costs. So, it is imperative to plan early, choose wisely and book it at the earliest while carefully choosing the location and access, the type of venue, the dates, etc. You can either get a good bargain with spaces and amenities by choosing less popular dates, or get creative with less expensive venues such as a balcony or a rooftop, for instance. leading event company singapore


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