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Tips For Floral Arrangements At Events

Event Company Singapore: Floral arrangements at any event can add a dash of colour to the proceedings, beautifying an already glamorous venue or even giving that 'wow' factor every event company Singapore aims for. So why not add a touch of pizazz and class to your event with some great floral arrangements using these easy tips to help you get started:

1. Get flora from local suppliers

Rather than importing exotic flowers from all over the world, why not support your local florists and save an exorbitant amount of money in the process? There are quite a number of suppliers that provide locally-grown flora, such as Far East Flora Garden Centre or Island Landscape & Nursery Pte Ltd, so go ahead and engage these suppliers for your events. top event company singapore

2. Do it for a good cause

This one's quite charitable, you could have your floral arrangements tie in to a special cause for organizations such as the Singapore Cancer Society or the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) by having your arrangements auctioned off and having the proceeds donated to the cause/s of your choice. This not only is beneficial for the charities involved, but it also portrays your business in a good light as well. #1 event company singapore

3. Sharing at discounted prices

If the venue you've rented out for your event has an in-house florist, be sure to ask if they have any shared floral programs. Essentially, this means you can rent shared floral arrangements at discounted prices thus saving a ton of money on your event budget where possible. event company singapore

4. Use reusable materials

Do away with any materials that would be considered not reusable, stick to using materials that can be reused and recycled such as cardboard and plastic. For instance, the plastic containers that your flora might be delivered in can be reused so ask your florist if they take their containers back to be used again later.This way, you won't be footing the bill for non-recyclable materials such as styrofoam which cannot be reused whatsoever. event company singapore

5. Don't use endangered flora specimens

As an added precaution, ask your florist and/or suppliers for non-endangered flora or any plants that are not at risk of extinction. If you do suspect that something afoul is going on and your supplier might be trying to sell you flora that might be endangered, don't put yourself at risk and contact the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) as soon as possible. best event company in singapore


Event Company Singapore: For your perfect event concepts and event management, call Se7en Friday Event Company Singapore at +65-6737-0288, email us at or check out our event management services on our website at

With over 20 years of event organising and event management experience, we have proven time and time again to be the leading events company in Singapore, and we're happy to share our concepts of a spectacular event with you!



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