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Types Of Beach Events In A Nutshell

Event Company Singapore: The beach is a great form of escapism from the hectic lifestyle, but sometimes it can also prove to be a huge inspiration for many event company Singapore planners when it comes to organising events at particular venues with a gorgeous backdrop to boot. Here are some events to consider hosting amidst the waves and sand as you plan your next big thing:

Sporting events

One great event type to look at is certainly that of the sporting variety, which can bring a huge payday for your event company Singapore and their respective partners when things go off without a hitch. Beach volleyball is a pretty lucrative sport in itself, especially if it features female athletes from all over, so perhaps partnering with a prominent federation (e.g. Volleyball Association of Singapore) for a charitable cause, for instance, might help create buzz for such an event.

Live music events

Hosting a live music event on the beach may seem daunting, but it's been done numerous times in the past by many event company Singapore with flair and creativity. All you need is to appeal to your target audience of mainly young and hip avid beach-goers with a proclivity for loud music and boisterous fun, not to mention hiring various musical acts (local and/or international) for the event as entertainment and also to further hype up the event.


Weddings on the beach may seem too good to be true, but it has been done numerous times and it's a truly beautiful occasion especially with the gorgeous backdrops of sand and sea creating an ethereal atmosphere that is perfect for bringing people together. As an event company Singapore planner, ensure the beach wedding goes off without a hitch; have all necessary preparations in place and also have an indoor plan in case of emergency.


Birthdays are special in that they only occur once a year, so make it the most memorable you can especially if your clients wish for your event company Singapore to host such a joyous occasion on the beach. A birthday bash at the beach does seem like tons of fun: you can host a special barbecue with all sorts of seafood and plenty of beverages (alcoholic and nob-alcoholic options available), or perhaps a more ostentatious spin with live music a la Burning Man might be more up your alley if you so choose, the choice is up to you.

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