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5 Foundations When Organising A Virtual Event

Virtual Event Company - All virtual events are designed around certain main considerations, like the type of event, event elements (registration, engagement, interaction etc), platforms to utilise and more. Any virtual event company hosting an online event know that it is necessary to devote the same amount of care and attention to any digital event as they would for an in-person event.

While every event is different and requires some personalisation, there is a basic structure you can follow when you first start your planning. Read on for the 5 basic elements of any virtual event:

Define Event Goals and Objectives

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Just because an event is occurring online, does not mean it requires less attention to detail. It simply means that the virtual event company you hire has to look at a different set of tools and execution strategies to successfully pull off the event.

Consider your purpose, and begin crafting specific end goals from there. Working backwards helps you get a sense of what needs to be accomplished. Most importantly, it provides you a timeline to use to define and complete all the necessary tasks.

Simplicity Is Key

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There are many models and formats available on the internet to follow when you start planning your online event. Sit down with your virtual event company and pick one. Whether you are following an online 8 Step Guide, or using the S.M.A.R.T Goals to organise the different aspects of your online event, it's important to stick to one, and follow it through.

Using Appropriate Ideas and Tools

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This ties in with the first point on defining your goals. Depending on what they are, the tools you use and the ideas you run with will change. If client engagement is the end goal of your event, your virtual event company designing your online event will have to use a set of platforms or tools that allow for maximum engagement to occur.

Whether you use Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or other event management platforms, make sure you do your research and pick the right one aligned to your objectives.

Avoid Overreaching

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Create a plan that is feasible, and does not burden your operations. There is little point in making huge plans if your process and workflows cannot keep up with the timeline, budget or resources you have allocated. Speak to your Virtual Event Company multiple times and refine your process as often as necessary. Your event should not only be outstanding on paper, but executable and realistic.

Tangible Measurements

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No matter what the goal of your event, the Virtual Event Company you pick to manage your event will be clear about the end goals and how you would like to measure success. You should also be able to work out if the returns you get are worth the time and money you put into the online event.

Whether you are measuring the number of views, the number of people in attendance, or the amount of purchases your audience makes at the end of your online event, there should be a tangible way to qualify whether it was a success.


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