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5 Important Targets To Set For Your Virtual Event

Virtual Event Company - Given the pandemic, the marketing industry, event companies and most organisations have had to repurpose what it means to capture an audience and create events and strategies that speak to their clientele. Hiring a virtual event company is now extremely commonplace, and many industries are making this highly necessary and effective move to help boost their marketing efforts.

Here’s 5 important targets to set with your virtual event company for any online event you take on.

Measure Registrations VS Actual Participants

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Why get your virtual event company to measure the difference between the number of people who registered for the virtual event and the actual number of participants who showed up? This allows you to keep tabs on how effective your pre-event marketing efforts are - especially if you used a variety of avenues to reach out to your audience. Track when, where, which platforms worked best and replicate this at future events to bring even more success.

Rate How Satisfied Your Customers Are

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Both your company and the virtual event company you hire will want as many of your participants to be highly satisfied with the online event and its outcomes. While it's important to get reviews from your audience, it's also important to use live polls and easily accessible feedback forms and surveys. Figure out which questions will allow you to get the best idea of how the event went.

When your participants or customers are satisfied, they become your advocates and help your brand grow.

Tracking Sponsor Engagement

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If you have engaged sponsors to be part of your event, it is very important that they benefit from the sponsorship. Most sponsors expect numerical proof of how the audience connected with their product or brand. Work with your virtual event company to set up avenues and platforms for them too. If you have the manpower, get someone to track questions and leads that come in.

How Are You Creating A Profit?

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With any virtual event, it's important to amass a certain amount of leads that will drive your business and create profit for your company. What are some ways you and your virtual event company can use to monetise your virtual event? Strategies include selling premium tickets, selling ad space on your website during your event if you expect an increase in site traffic, discount links to your product or service etc.

Have a Solid Post-Event Plan

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Post virtual event engagement is an impactful way to continue to provide excellent value to your audience and keep them in an ongoing conversation. Don’t forget to include registered participants who could not show up, there is always a chance to pull them in again, and create a separate conversation with them. Don’t forget to send them an email thanking them for their participation!


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