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5 Unique Virtual Event Ideas

Virtual Event Company - The sky’s the limit when it comes to doing anything online, and while you might have some troubles thinking of ideas to make your next virtual event stand out, there’s really so much that can be done online. Virtual event companies in Singapore and around the world have have seen a high take-up of events occurring digitally, especially as organisations deal with the impacts of the global pandemic.

And who says an online event has to be boring?

Here are 5 unique and fun ideas to consider with your virtual event company of choice.

Organise A Virtual Exhibition or Tour

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Many museums across the globe have taken to creating virtual exhibitions in light of restrictions to movement not only within countries, but restrictions to travel all around the world. Interested folks can now discover collections of art, heritage centres, history museums etc from the comfort of their homes. Through the use of online platforms, artists can now even hold art exhibitions virtually.

This doesn’t have to be limited to museums, expos or similar industries. If you are a school or business, hire a virtual event company that specialises in creating such experiences online. Talk to a reputed virtual event company to create a 360-degree virtual tour of your campus or showcase your business.

Hire A Performance Specialist

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Whether your virtual event company is organising a dinner and dance for your employees, or you are hosting a larger online expo or international event, hire performance specialists as part of your line-up. There’s no better way to keep your audience engaged! Bring a singer or band on for a live performance from a studio, book a comedy act, or even hire a magician!

There are so many ways to ensure your participants are having the time of their lives, even if they are not together in the same space. Your virtual event company will usually work with a whole host of talents, and you can take your pick, and choose the right people for your online event.

Create Fun Challenges

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It’s not just exhibitions, dinner & dances and weddings that have gone online. Team building events, especially for larger organisations have started conducting theses sessions through virtual platforms. And while you might think there is no way you can beat the excitement generated from an in-person event, any virtual event company would tell you otherwise. There is a whole range of games and activities you can do that would build company rapport, while providing a fun relaxing day for your team.

Create customised challenges that work around your companies vision and mission, or goals for the year, have keynote speakers, do breakout sessions, conduct an awards ceremony at the end of the event - your options are never-ending!

Incorporate Sponsorships

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There’s many creative ways to build in sponsorships into your virtual event. Talk to your virtual event company to include a branded video with sponsored content during the digital event, perhaps right before your event starts, so that all your participants are engaged and watching. Incorporate sponsorships as price giveaways, or have downloadable material for your participants to takeaway.

Ensure Active, Creative Participation

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Any top-notch virtual event company will be able to provide a high quality production to any online event beyond providing the best cameras, audio systems, resolutions and backdrops. Work with the team to ensure that the type of engagement required is right for your event.

Whether it's conducting multiple short sessions so that all the parties involved are energised and actually listening, or introducing live Q&A corners and polling quizzes that allow for higher interactions. There’s a right fit for every event!


Singapore's Leading Virtual & Live Streaming Event Management Company

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Click here to contact virtual event company Se7en Friday for your virtual event & live streaming event purposes.

We look forward to introducing you to our friendly & experienced team to assist you to get your event, virtual!

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