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How To Organise A Virtual Birthday Party

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Virtual Event Company: With the ensuing global pandemic not abating anytime soon, it can be difficult to organise and host an event live and in person, especially when it comes to hiring a local virtual event company to host a birthday party for the ones you love and cherish. This is most unfortunate, what with the sheer amount of restrictions put in place to prevent any further spread of COVID-19, such as limiting the number of people you can invite to live events at any time (about 10 pax. minimum at the time of writing) and this can put a damper on something as important a milestone as the quintessential birthday party.

But don't despair just yet! Read on to find out how you can pull off an amazing birthday party for your loved ones with the help of a virtual event company, such as yours truly, helping you get started from home:

Choosing the best online video chat platform

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The most important step to getting your online birthday party on the right foot is getting a video chat set up that can properly accommodate the number of guests you'd like to invite to your virtual extravaganza, courtesy of your virtual even company of choice. And you know what the best part here is? You can choose the streaming platform of your choice based on what suits your needs the most! Here are a few examples of popular video chatting platforms you can utilise to your advantage: - Zoom

- Skype - Slack

- Google Hangouts

- Facebook Live

- Whatsapp - Telegram

- Twitch

These are just a few choices with Zoom and Skype being the most preferred due to their accessibility and the ease with which to set up a group chat online in no time. Choosing the best platform to host your preferred amount of guests, including family and friends, is crucial so take time to explore your options with your chosen virtual event company whenever you need it!

Organize a movie night birthday party

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Time to make the popcorn or kacang putih with a sensational movie night with your guests! There is nothing better than hosting a viewing party with your family and friends watching the latest blockbuster films from the comfort of your own home, and now you can do it all thanks to your fellow virtual event company and streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus. Even better yet, platforms like Netflix allow for further ease and functionality with a little web extension called the Netflix Party extension (available for Google Chrome) that allows you to stream any show of choice to your guests simultaneously without the worry of manual synchronization, hassle-free! You may check to see if Amazon Prime or Disney Plus offers such extensions as well if you want to introduce a little more variety to the proceedings, so have fun courtesy of your favourite virtual event company!

Having your birthday live in an online game

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Nowadays, the world of online gaming has become more lucrative and diverse thus elevating its popularity among the millennial and Gen-Z demographics. Why not jump on the bandwagon with your chosen virtual event company and introduce a little online gaming experience to liven up the proceedings? Think of any popular MMORPG (mass multiplayer online role-playing game) at the moment, such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy Online or first-person shooters such as Overwatch and Destiny 2, where guests can engage in some friendly combat with the winner/s getting some fancy prizes like a month-long Apple iTunes subscription, for example. This will not only create a unique and exciting moment for everyone involved, it will also allow the more game-savvy guests to indulge and soak in the moment, all with the help of the virtual event company you hired!

Giving the guest of honour some gifts to remember

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Now any preferred virtual event company of choice would understand that the time-honoured tradition of gifts and cake are all an integral part of any birthday party, but as your trusted virtual event company have we got a great idea for you: online gifts galore! Think about it: in the midst of a pandemic, there is no way to get your presents to the guest of honour physically so it's more feasible to invest in digital gifts such as ebooks, which you can purchase directly from sites such as Audible (which has a wide array of literary classics and much more) or maybe even gifting them a digital purchase of their favourite videogame that they've always wanted. What about a year-long Spotify subscription instead? The possibilities for a great gift is endless, just don't forget that all-important birthday e-card to cap off an already memorable moment.


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We look forward to introducing you to our friendly & experienced team to assist you to get your event, virtual!

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