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5 Fun & Exciting Virtual Event Ideas For 2021

Virtual Event Company Singapore - The ongoing global pandemic has very much put a big damper on much of our lives, and this too includes being able to go out and have a night on the town with our friends and family. But thanks to myriad technological advancements which allow us to stay in touch through social media and apps such as Zoom and Skype, why not use the opportunity to circumvent our unfortunate situation with the help of your favourite virtual event company Singapore to enact some really fun events designed to bring people together even when they're so far away? Here are some fun and truly exciting ideas in mind just for you:

Cocktail making and tasting sessions

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Since you and your usual group of drinking kakis may have to stay at home on a Friday night to wait out the pandemic, how about setting up a fun cocktail session online to drive away the blues? Get in touch with your trusted virtual event company Singapore to help make this event a memorable one, replete with online lessons led by a world-class bartender who will teach you and your friends how to concoct your own drinks from the comfort of your own home followed up by a tasting sessions of your very own creations. Nothing says TGIF quite like a delicious cocktail with your best buddies!

Show off your cute pets

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If you have a pet at home and you want to show it off to your friends on the Internet, how about turning this moment into a little shindig for you and your fellow pet-lovers? With the help of any proficient virtual event company Singapore, you can now host a special event where you and your friends can show off your beloved pets and rate them as the cutest via an online pet show. You can even create little goodie bags for your guests as a thank you for attending, such as online pet food vouchers or pet grooming vouchers for instance.

Go on an epic scavenger hunt

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Why not inject a little nostalgia into the proceedings and relive the good old D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) days with a scavenger hunt of epic proportions? With the help of your trusted virtual event company Singapore, embark on a specially-designed scavenger hunt with your guests in tow. Have a good old Carmen San Diego-esque virtual hunt around the world for hidden treasures, and the first to find all the treasures receives a special prize for their efforts. It's a great event that hopefully creates tons of excitement and fun for you and your friends!

Jam out together to your favourite songs

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Feeling the need to scratch that musical itch, but the pandemic got you cooped up at home? Not to worry, what about an impromptu jam session with your best buddies via Zoom or Skype? There are a variety of music software you can use to help enhance the sound (you can ask your virtual event company Singapore for assistance on choosing the best tools such as Audacity) or you and your bandmates for the day can record your own renditions of your favourite songs as you jam out to your heart's content, no strings attached! Nothing quite smells like teen spirit quite like rocking out with your best buds within the confines of your own home!

Karaoke OK!

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Just like it sounds, how about singing to your heart's content with a little online karaoke session? While you may not be able to head down to your favourite KTV lounge to belt out a few tunes, you can still get your virtual event company Singapore to help put together a little singalong with your friends and/or family. Collect song requests that your guests would love to sing along to, create a playlist of YouTube videos via Watch2gether, Zoom or any other streaming service that will allow simultaneous streaming, then decide if you'd like to perform solo or have a group number session with your guests. Whichever way you feel is optimal for you and your kakis, so long as you're having fun belting out your favourite tunes!


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