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Marketing Your Virtual Event During COVID-19

Virtual Event Company Singapore - The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on any and all live events, but this resulted in a huge surge of virtual events in response to the pandemic. However, due to such a large influx of events online, that may make it harder for your virtual event company Singapore to market and promote your own virtual event successfully but don't throw in the towel just yet! We do have some unique marketing strategies that may help you set your event apart during this pandemic:

Come up with an effective strategy

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A key rule of thumb is to devise a strategy that will ensure your very own virtual event will get traction online. So where to start? Firstly, write down what you need to prioritize in order, such as audience engagement, revenue generation, lead generation, brand building, and the like. This strategy will help you and your virtual event company Singapore properly decide the importance of your marketing ploy for your event.

Determine your target audience

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This one is quite high up on your list: who is your event catering to? Your target demographic has to be most likely to participate in your virtual event or else it's a total catastrophe. Therefore, it's important to identify and engage parts of your target audience most intellectually curious about what your event entails. You and your virtual event company Singapore can search for potential demographics from all over the world that have yet to be marketed to that may be potentially intrigued by your virtual event, among other factors that you may take into consideration.

Create a tool kit for marketing purposes

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When it comes to marketing your virtual event, it's essential to create a tool kit that your virtual event company Singapore can use as a way to build an integrated campaign for your event. Important elements to consider when creating your tool kit include a strategic brief, a creative concept for your event, messaging platform, tactical plan and a resource allocation plan. Taking these elements into consideration when preparing your brief is important, especially when you understand that the customer journey timeline for a virtual event is heavily condensed compared to a live event.

Build an eye-catching website to promote your event

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If there's one big component that can help make your virtual event a big success or break it, it's a killer website that can catch one's attention and make them drive more traffic towards your event. When your virtual event company Singapore is designing your event website, it's fundamentally important to make sure it is both flexible and comprehensive with a diverse and user-friendly interface to allow visitors to come and go as they please with little fuss. More importantly, any and all vital information pertinent to your virtual event has to easily accessible and presented in a way to generate genuine interest in what your event has to offer.


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We look forward to introducing you to our friendly & experienced team to assist you to get your event, virtual!



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