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Top 10 Best Practices For Organising Virtual Events

Instead of meeting in person, a virtual event is one where individuals experience the entire event and its contents online. Here are the following top 10 best practices for organising virtual event:

Event teaser

Before the launch of any form of product or event, virtual event company teaser campaigns can be an efficient way to create buzz. After all, videos have a unique way to reach and engage with prospects and customers by invoking emotions. Event teaser can help attract the target audience to learn about the event and convince them to sign-up for the event. Audiences can also have a sneak peak of what they can expect from the event.


Rehearsing, organised by your virtual event company, plays an important part in the event. By rehearsing, this allows the speaker to be familiar with the settings and with the AV team as well. This is an even greater reason to have a rehearsal if the speaker is not a professional speaker. It will allow you to remove doubts by holding a rehearsal, and ensure that everyone is on the same page. By rehearsing, it will help to eliminate mistakes as everyone has the chance to go through the process to ensure that they are on the same page.


Games can be organised by your virtual event company, and are a great way to build engagement in your virtual event as it helps in ensuring a high quality experience for the attendees.

Prizes are given to the winners in order for more participants to take part in the segment.


Virtual Event attendees will always have questions after the speaker's presentation. The best way to do a Q&A is through a chat, this allows the emcees to have a look before having the speaker to answer them.

Asking your virtual event company to organise a Q&A session would allow participants to engage with the speakers, giving them a sense of engagement in the event rather than making them sit for hours and listen to content.


During a virtual event, visuals are very important as one of the first things that virtual event attendees and participants would observe and remember is the design of your event.


Technology provided by the virtual event company plays a crucial role in the virtual event because it can either create or disrupt your event.

It is really important to check the internet connection of the venue before the event begins, and also if there is an invited speaker, it will be better to ask them to check their internet connection as well.


Not only can networking be done face-to-face, but it can also be done virtually. For virtual events, attendees can be sent out to the break-out room for them to conveniently network with fewer individuals.


Content has a big role to play in the virtual event because it needs to be creative to keep the audience engaged.

Content such as games and performances is a perfect way to keep the audience engaged. With unique content, the audience will have a memorable experience.


Marketing is also an important part of the practices because marketing helps to promote your event to others and it is also a method to use to connect with future and returning customers.

Post-event evaluation

Post-event evaluation by the virtual event company includes sending a simple ‘Thank you’ letter to the attendee or having the attendees do a feedback form for the event that they attend.

It is important to do a post-event evaluation at the end of the event because it can help the event organizer to learn about the success of their event, where improvements can be made, and suggestions attendees may have for the future.

Written By: Xiuyu, Se7en Friday Event Company

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