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Top 10 Favourite Topics for Virtual Events

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Virtual Event Company - Hosting a physical event has never been easy, let alone a virtual event. With the recent COVID-19 Pandemic limiting the number of attendees, physical events have since shifted to online, as it is the only method to connect individuals from all around the world. With that being said, it is also important to embrace different activities and ideas into virtual events to keep the attendees engaged throughout the session.

In light of this, we have come up with the top 10 favourite topics that could be incorporated into your next virtual event that you can speak to with your virtual event company.

1. Virtual Games

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Make your event interesting by organising some online trivia quizzes or games. With a little fun competition added, it helps to keep the attendees engaged throughout the event.

A bonus would be to include prizes at the end of the game!

2. Online Lucky Draw

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Rather than ending the event with a closing speech, why not speak to your virtual event company about replace the ending with an online lucky draw?

To further entice the attendees, do not disclose the prize until the winner is announced. This helps to create excitement, sheer fun and suspense.

3. Virtual Event Background / Stage Backdrop

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A sure win way to make your event stand out, is by speaking to your virtual event company about using virtual backgrounds.

For instance, having a background featuring iconic landmarks around the world would make your audience feel as though they are travelling around the world virtually, right in front of their screens.

4. Skit

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What is more intriguing than having your own colleagues put up a skit performance?

Time to put those acting skills you binge watch from Netflix into action!

5. Interactive Workshop

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Engage the attendees with an interactive workshop that requires their full participation.

Remember to get your virtual event company to send the list of materials to attendees so that they can prepare beforehand.

6. Virtual Networking

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Include breakout sessions to allow virtual event participants to socialise with one another.

This provides an opportunity for them to meet like-minded people and expand their professional network, all from the comfort of their chair!

7. Pre-Recorded Videos

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With your videos filmed beforehand with the help of your virtual event company, you can insert stunning animations and edit them to perfection before playing them during the event.

This catches the participants’ attention, and they are likely to be engaged throughout the event.

8. Live Polling

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You may wish to conduct a poll before the event to gather participants’ understanding, or during the event to see how their mindsets change overtime.

With the use of virtual live streaming technology, not only does this allow you to connect with the participants in real-time, but it also makes the session more engaging.

9. Live Q&A

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Similar to live polling, a virtual event company organised live Q&A session also helps you to stay connected with the audience.

By having their questions answered live, it sparks discussion and attendees would pay more attention as well.

10. On-Demand Videos

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Last but not least, offer other alternatives for your attendees who could not make it to the virtual event.

This means providing on-demand content for viewing at one’s leisure.

Virtual events are here to stay. While some event planners are still adapting to this transition, you may want to be a step ahead of others by engaging a modern, virtual event company to incorporate some unique elements into your next virtual event to make it stand out from the crowd.

Remember, a high level of audience engagement plays a crucial role in the success of every event!

Se7en Friday Is The Leading Live Streaming Singapore & Virtual Event Company

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Click here to contact live streaming event company Se7en Friday for your virtual event & live streaming event purposes.

We look forward to introducing you to our friendly & experienced team to assist you to get your event, virtual!


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