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Your Virtual Event Planning Checklist

Virtual Event Company - There are just some steps you cannot miss when planning any virtual event. If you have the budget for it, hire a virtual event company as they have the most comprehensive experience, and are likely using a checklist that has not only been been refined over time, but caters to a range of different types of virtual events.

Creating a checklist is the best way to make sure everything is covered. Read on to get an insight into the handy checklist that a virtual event company uses to create a successful online event.

Set A Clear Objective

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Every virtual event company starts planning their events with this basic and crucial step: Define your event purpose and identify your event goals. Are you looking to gather the most amount of leads by the end of the event, is your aim to foster networking between the event attendees or are you simply looking to raise your brand awareness?

Goal-setting and defining the outcomes your desire will help determine what is most important in your process.

Understand Your Audience

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You will have the best knowledge of who your target audience is. Provide the virtual event company planning your event as much information about your audience as possible. This will allow them to really grasp their general psychology, and ensure that whatever platforms and tools they use will allow for the event to be as successful as can be.

Go Big With Promotions

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Another important box to tick in any virtual event company checklist is building up a marketing plan that screams about your event to as many relevant channels, people and organisations. Whether it's using email marketing, or building an event website, or setting up a creating event registration process, there are multiple fun ways to engage your potential audience and keep them on their toes about your online event. Think about how you can use word-of-mouth marketing as well, as it’s a great way to organically spread the news and create interest in your event.

Find Your Sponsors And Partners Early

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Approach the virtual event company you would like to hire early. Just because your event is happening online, does not mean it’s easier or the planning process is less time-consuming. Have ample time to accomplish everything on your checklist. Start looking for sponsors early - if you want the most out of your partnership, it makes sense to build a relationship early, so that any hiccups can be worked out way ahead of your virtual event.

If you are holding a virtual event that involves not just sponsors but partners like exhibitors or vendors, it’s also very helpful to provide them detailed information of the plan and their roles. This way they are not kept guessing, they know what they are doing, and your virtual event is more likely to be a success.


Singapore's Leading Virtual & Live Streaming Event Management Company

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