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Wearing A Pantsuit To Events In Style

Event Company Singapore: While pantsuits may seem like office attire, you can easily dress one up for a sleek, sexy look that's sure to make you stand out at a wedding or other formal event. But the key is dressing up in the right style and aesthetic, so let us show you a few ways to wear a pantsuit to any event with style and panache: Event Company Singapore

1. Attention to detail and style

Choosing the right pantsuit for a formal event is more than just mixing and matching to see what sticks. Instead of a suit made from wool, linen or any traditional material, maybe a velvet pantsuit would be an ideal option especially for any other formal occasion, e.g a winter wedding. You can also opt for a suit with satin details to mimic a tuxedo, with the satin lapels and stripe down the sides of the pants creating that elegant standout look. Best Event Company in Singapore

2. Make a bold statement

Be it a fancy velvet suit or a plain black pantsuit more suited for a day at the office, pairing it with the right top can help dress it up for a formal event. Go for a tank top or camisole with embellishments like sequins or beads, or a lace camisole if you prefer. But if you're feeling more adventurous, skip the undershirt and let your jacket create a plunging neckline; if your jacket gapes open too much, use safety pins albeit discreetly to hold it closed. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Adorn yourself with bedazzling jewellery

A few well-chosen pieces of jewellery can help dress up a pantsuit for a formal event, and a large brooch to the jacket’s lapel with colourful rhinestones can instantly make your suit look fancier. A dramatic statement necklace also does the trick, so bold earrings like a chandelier style or a large drop style with pearls, diamonds or other gemstones can add that level of glamour to your outfit.

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4. Top off your ensemble with the right shoes

For formal events, you might want to go bolder with your shoes. Satin heels have an elegant, dressed up look, or you can try a pair of velvet peep toe heels with your suit or add shine with metallic strap sandals (silver/gold finish) for a daring, sexy look.leading event company singapore

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