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5 Best Dinner & Dance (D&D) Themes For 2019

Dinner And Dance Event Organizer: For most Singaporeans, we work hard and play a little to make a living. When we’re not sleeping, we spend most of the time in the office on weekdays, performing our jobs with utmost professionalism. So when it comes to the annual dinner & dance (D&D), it’s an opportunity to kick back and have some fun with people we spend so much time with in the office.

Here are some D&D themes to help make the night even more memorable.

1. Year of the Pig

Who wouldn’t remember a D&D party, where the food, outfits and perhaps drinks revolve around the theme of… Pig?

2. Retro Night

With cool sunnies, groovy hairstyles and bell-bottom outfits topped off with songs from the 70s, a Retro Night themed D&D may be just the type of fun everyone’s looking for, especially if a majority of the company’s employees lived through that era. Your event company Singapore would love to organize such an event!

3. Thor VS Hulk

For some fans, Thor VS Hulk is the biggest movie to catch in 2019. Why not bring this huge cinematic experience into the D&D ballroom? It’s sure to make for a fun-filled event with lots of hammer throws and slams!

4. Masquerade Ball

The classic masquerade D&D ball has for generations created a sense of mystery and allure, perfect for a night-time ballroom setting with lots of fun and laughter surely to follow. This would be quite the worthy challenge for any event company Singapore worth their salt.

5. James Bond

Couple your perfect James Bond decorated D&D setting with martinis and mission cards to create the perfect scenario for a fun-filled night to remember! Just let your event company Singapore know to leave the martini shaken, not stirred.

And if you need some help with D&D organising, “who ya gonna call?”

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