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9 Top Timesaving Event Planning Tricks

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Event Company: How can an event planner improve? With some great timesaving event planning tips and tricks of course! We’ve gathered 9 of the most creative and effective productivity strategies known to the modern event company planner in this list of ideas that will surprise, inspire, and ultimately, inform your event process.

1. Have rules regarding last minute event or contract changes

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Although there are plenty of ways to handle last minute event company event changes, prevention is key. So in your contract, make sure you include rules for what happens when significant changes occur 1-3 months out, 1-4 weeks out, and the day of-1 week out from the event. Also be sure to get your scope of work in writing too.

2. Send deadline reminder memes to partners, sponsors and teams

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Memes have a scientifically proven effect on the human brain. So even though everyone secretly hates your friendly reminder emails, adding a meme can help trigger the memory forming centers of our brains (because by definition a meme is assigning meaning to an otherwise meaningless image) and help participants feel a greater sense of community having participated in (or at least can recognize) the almost tribal like sharing that led to them knowing this particular bit of micro information for the event company.

3. Use chatbots to communicate with event attendees

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Use chatbots before your event to establish your event company brand voice and tone, provide customer service support, and gather data on your audience through things like polls or surveys.

4. Funnel all your event social media feeds into one platform

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Tools such as Buffer, HootSuite, and Everypost consolidate multiple channels into a single dashboard so you can have a bird’s eye view of what content you’re distributing and how your event company audience is reacting to it without toggling between a half dozen sites.

5. Organize your to-do list by urgency and importance

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Nicknamed the Eisenhower Matrix, this useful graphic can help you tidy up your to do list and tackle only the most important tasks first (i.e. the ones that are both urgent and important) for your event company.

6. Get order, timing, and document requirements from each of your backup vendors

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If something goes wrong with your vendors it will likely be a last minute issue. So have at least 3 backup choices with all their relevant details available in your event company planning binder for every type of vendor your event will need.

7. Do a workflow overhaul

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Tracking what you do every day might lead to better work-life balance but it can also help identify weaknesses in your current process. For example, you might need to delegate more administrative tasks or conduct shorter meetings for your event company.

8. Consistently add to a list of potential speakers and presenters for future events

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Collect names of people who are influential in your industry, are great lecturers, or have expressed interest in working with your brand publicly. When it comes time to booking your speakers, you won’t have to spend hours digging through LinkedIn and your contact list to find anyone – just refer to the list for your event company!

9. Add a QR scanner to your event app

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Using QR codes for events will make it easier to check people in and it will help your booths or sponsors conduct valuable, lead generating event company activities without requiring any additional demands on your schedule.


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