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Breaking The Ice: Funny Event Ice-Breakers

Event Company Singapore: A great deal of attendees tend to take themselves a little too seriously when it comes to business events or conferences, thus starting your event with a funny ice breaker event is a way to help people connect quickly by letting their serious side take a break. Here are a few ice breakers that are most effective when it comes to breaking the ice, literally:

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Like or loathe cards

Write a single word on index cards attached to the back of each attendee's shirt then instruct the group to introduce themselves to everyone based on how they feel about the word on the card. They can’t tell the person but they should convey their own like or dislike of the word. For instance, if the word is bungee-jumping the person may say, “You terrify me.” For added fun, you can instruct the one reacting to act it out instead of saying it. Afterwards, take turns sharing what card everyone was wearing on their backs.

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'Do your own thing'

This ice breaker requires the event coordinator to devise a list of simple activities (i.e. acting like a goat or pretending your skydiving) for attendees. Walk around the room and randomly assign each person an activity, upon which they must begin as soon as you assign it and continue until you tell the group to stop. After everyone is acting out their roles, ask your attendees to try to speak with one another in character. It’s maddening but illustrates what happens when we each have our own agendas set.

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'Come to my party'

Announce to your group you’re throwing a 'party' but to attend they must bring something with them. It can be anything they like but the catch is some people will get in and others won’t. As each potential guest takes a turn asking the host if they can come to the party with their particular item, the host says yes or no. For instance, one attendee is coming to the party and wants to bring an apple and the next person wants to bring a peach, while someone else may bring a pillow and attend. The similarity is that all the items must have consecutive, duplicate letters in the items, aPPle, piLLow, etc., but you can use any method of categorisation to try and stump your audience.

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Following particular instructions

Have a sheet of paper placed face down on each seat; on it is a list of 10-15 easy activities such as shout out your name. At the top of the sheet is one line that reads, “Read the entire list of activities before starting. The last activity reads that they should ignore all other activities and only introduce themselves to the person sitting next to them. Tell them to flip over their papers and begin. Hilarity ensues as people perform the activities without fully reading the instructions.

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