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Creative Ideas For Corporate Events

Event Company Singapore: Corporate events should be all about having fun with your colleagues and collaborators, and you need to showcase fun corporate event ideas that will allow your team to relax and build stronger relationships. Therefore, let us take a look at some creative ideas that is guaranteed to wow guests at any corporate event:

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Stand up comedy

Why not consider cheering up people with the power of laughter? Let comedy invade your office space by inviting a stand up comedian. Stand up comedians can create a tailored act with a focus on your company, your team or your market, thus making the show more personal and guaranteed to make your colleagues chuckle, giggle and laugh out loud.

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Graffiti workshop

Fostering social cohesion among your peers at work? Organise team building events that use art as mean to build strong relationships and cultivate the the company’s culture, like graffiti art. For example, a Portuguese company, EDP Distribuição, hired six graffiti artists to paint an interpretation of the company’s core values together with a team of a 100 collaborators, which resulted in team bonding, creative brainstorming and a beautiful canvas for their office.

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Get down and dance!

If you liked the idea of a graffiti workshop but you would like to get all of your team moving, you should consider a more physical workshop. Instead, you can organise a dance workshop (pole dancing, anyone?) or a hula hoop workshop. These artistic activities will make you sweat, laugh and will make your team bond while having fun.

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Live music performance at the office

In order to keep everyone motivated, you need to think of corporate event ideas that will keep the team happy in the office. One way to make things more interesting for your peers is hiring a local band/musician to play in your office during lunch break or host an office party revolving around live music. Music is always a plus, specially when it’s live.

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