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Drinks To Be Served (And Not To Serve) At Events

Event Company Singapore: Beverages are a key factor in events; businesses or any event company Singapore that organises events fail to comprehend that their choice of drinks served at their events actually speaks volumes to the event attendees not just the drinks themselves, but how they are served to attendees, with some event company Singapore organisers making the mistake of taking it a little too far due to the common lack of knowledge about event drinks and how they should be served. Here are some types of drinks to be served at any event that event company Singapore organisers should take note of:

Non-alcoholic beverages

With non-alcoholic beverages, no event company Singapore organiser can possibly go wrong as they are safe for any type of event. Be it lemonade, soda, energizers like Pepsi and Coca-Cola, non-alcoholic cocktails, etc, non-alcoholic beverages are a safe choice for event participants of all ages and are a good choice for events for families with young children present.


Beer may a great drink for when you’re sitting with a group of friends, but for corporate events where your event company Singapore staff do care about what your event attendees think, it is a rather disappointing choice. Leave beer out of the menu and don’t serve it at your event, especially if you want your event attendees to have a high opinion of the event later.


Be they alcoholic or non-alcoholic, cocktails are loved by all and they give a nice punch of flavour to the bitterest tasting alcohol. Having your event company Singapore hire a professional bartender to handle the drink mixing for you will work in your favour greatly. On top of that, they make for the best event drinks because they offer a variety of flavours for every palate.

Red Wine

Red wine is a rather loved beverage all around the world and a preferred drink of choice for many an event company Singapore professional after hours. Red wine drinkers are generally calm and happy people, so serving this at your event will not make a bad impression. However, it is highly recommended that you should keep a close check on the amount of red wine that is being served per person lest they become a little too intoxicated for their own good.event comp

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