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Event Ideas For University Students 101

Event Company Singapore: University campuses can make for great spaces to facilitate an exchange of ideas and civil discourse, and any event company Singapore can exploit this to their advantage when it comes to hosting events for university students. Here are some creative ideas for uni students:

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1. Organise DIY workshops

You and your event company Singapore team of planners can organise a series of DIY workshops aimed towards certain interests and hobbies, e.g. cooking, arts & crafts, interior design, etc. Find out more about what uni students would be interested via online sites and apps such as Pinterest or conduct mass surveys to collate data on various interests from the students themselves

2. TEDx talks

Organise a series of talks and seminars by various distinguished guest speakers with your event company Singapore in conjunction with TEDx Singapore to offer a unique experience for uni students. These talks can provide a wealth of information pertaining to the speakers' own experiences and knowledge base, furthermore you can live stream these talks on Facebook, Twitch, etc where it's almost certain to go viral and engage more people as a result.

3. Meeting uni graduates

Host some seminars where previous university alumni can share their own success stories out there in the "real world". More than just bringing in uni grads with highly successful jobs, involve those who've chosen to take a more unconventional path to achieve their dreams in life. For example, you can bring a current employee of your event company Singapore who's also a university graduate to talk to the current crop of students about their life after uni, etc.

4. Community service events

Many uni students would feel it more validating to come together to make a positive change in the world around them as opposed to just voicing their opinions online. Together with your event company Singapore, team with a non-profit organisation, especially one that millennials can get behind, to orchestrate and promote a community event that is both meaningful and productive in order to inculcate a sense of togetherness and positivity through the power of change.

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