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Health-Conscious Catering Ideas For Any Event

Event Company Singapore: Healthy and sustainable food options are one of the hottest trends in event catering at the moment with attendees becoming increasingly health conscious, and dietary requirements and choices requested on the rise. Be it vegetarian, vegan, paleo or gluten free, the list of diets goes on but the options offered by the venue chef can sometimes be disappointing and unappealing, unappetising or overpriced. Here are some mouth-watering health conscious catering ideas to inspire your next event menus:

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Noodle stations

DIY food stations are always really popular with guests who love to customise their meals how they want it. A surefire healthy idea is a noodle station which can be accompanied by a good selection of vegetables and nuts such as carrots, avocado, cilantro, radishes, onions, basil and pine nuts. Low fat sauces such as chilli or soy breaks from the usual unhealthy thick sauces that contain a lot of yoghurt, butter and fat.

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Artistic fruit arrangements

Traditional fruit bowls can be boring and often overlooked by guests as whole fruits can be messy, noisy or difficult to eat. Therefore. creating artistic arrangements or fruit sculptures can be a brilliant visual aesthetic, doubling up as decorations or edible center pieces for the tables thus making them easier to chose, digest and nibble.

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Savoury skewers

Who doesn't loves a good skewer, especially when it’s quick and easy for serving and there is usually minimal mess or fuss for the guest eating them. The combinations you can have with these are endless with fully vegetarian or vegan skewers on offer, or you can combine healthy ingredients with meat or cheese for sticks that are bursting with flavour.

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Salad, shaken not stirred

Dish out salads in creative ways that will both wow your guests and be delicious and healthy to boot. For instance, serve side salad in martini glasses for an extravagant, evening twist or for afternoon events serve them in tea cups. Creating interesting and quirky ways to serve traditional healthy food can make it seem more appetising and makes a plain salad fun and attention-grabbing.

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