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Hosting Your Party On A Budget 101

Event Company Singapore: A party is a party, and the last thing you want to do while you're having a good time or playing host to your friends is to concern yourself with how much cash has been splurged. If you don't have the cash to have the whole thing taken care of for you, there are ways to do it on a budget without skimping on the good stuff. Here a few ways to host your party on a tight budget:

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Make your party a potluck affair

Making your party a pot luck makes sure there's always enough to eat, and it takes the burden of cooking and buying food off of you. Of course, you'll still need to make a contribution yourself, be it fixing appetisers and desserts or supplying the drinks. Pot lucks are an especially good idea if you're having a themed event, like a cultural exchange kind of thing or a dinner party where you want to try lots of different dishes, or if you have a friend who makes something you love and you want them to bring it.event company Singapore

Switch up the time of day

Instead of having a dinner or all-night affair, consider a lunch or brunch party instead. While it may seem implausible, a few beers or drinks in the afternoon or a pot luck lunch with friends can be a lot of fun, and it inherently requires less fuss than a massive dinner party or an all-night affair with a stocked bar and tons of drink options. Furthermore, moving the affair earlier in the day gives you the ability to turn your get-together into something original that your pals would enjoy.

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Get ingredients you can afford

If you plan to do most of the cooking for your party, you can save a lot of money by picking the right affordable ingredients or figuring out what you can make to serve your guests with the things you already have in your pantry. Even though it sounds kind of cheap, you could consider going all-appetiser instead of serving dinner or a fancy meal, as a good variety gives both you and your guests the opportunity to graze over the course of the evening.

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Buy in bulk (but not too much)

If there's ever a time to make sure you get the discounts available by buying in bulk or if you have a membership, there are ways to get in and get those discounts. If you live in a place where stores are allowed to sell alcohol, their discounts on beer, wine, and spirits are usually enough to make even an annual party worth the cost of a membership. If you're planning a party and need three or four bags of chips, or a four-pack of four rolls of paper towels, bigger per-unit discounts are available through Amazon than you'll get at your local grocery store. Of course, perishables aren't available, but non perishable snack foods and paper products are.

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