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How To Avoid Festival Fails 101

Event Company Singapore: Creating events that are memorable, especially those as vibrant as festivals, is no easy feat. Your event company Singapore would want to ensure that an event as ostentatious as a festival goes of without a hitch, so here are some ways you can avoid letting your event turn into a failure:

Secure the necessary paperwork

An essential part of organising something as huge as a festival is getting the paperwork done and processed before the event goes live. Your event company Singapore would have to secure the necessary permits such as alcohol licensing, vendor contracts, and city & noise permits among other essential paperwork that needs to be researched into before filing the paperwork.

Confirm the venue capacity

The venue you choose for your festival is especially important, as it has to be able to accommodate festival-goers, vendors, musical acts and public amenities, among others. When confirming the venue, make sure your event company Singapore also confirm capacity limitations and security requirements. Also, include this pertinent information in your company contracts and review the requirements before tickets go on sale to the general public.

Sequencing and logistical requirements

When deliberating on the sequencing and on-site logistical requirements for your festival, some considerations you and your event company Singapore would have to take note include the flow of the event, maximum attendance, and how to direct attendees inside the venue once they are vetted, among others. These are just a few of many considerations when it comes to sequencing and logistics, so make sure to look at what issues might need immediate addressing.

Build a site-map of the festival venue

This has been covered before, but we'll touch on this nevertheless. When creating a detailed and structured site map of the venue for your event, key considerations include mapped out spaces for vendors, stage/s and toilets, secure locations for storing cash and other valuables, and overflow space among others. Having a site map helps you and your event company Singapore understand attendee flow from the points of entry to points of sale and to the main attraction; once you get hold of this vital information you can move forward with planning staffing and gate placement to reduce bottlenecking and overcrowding of attendees.

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