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How To Create A Memorable Event

Event Company Singapore: The moments in an event can go a long way. They can create momentary impressions, result in humour, but the events that are the most successful are those that remain etched in the minds of guests for all their days to come. Therefore, attention should be given in various aspects of event organising such as the welcoming, kick-off, performances, food menus, even transportation and invitations.

So, how to make a memorable event? Look into these 5 items:

1. Create hype around your event

Everything needs to go according to plan on that day so focus on these elements first. Once you've got these covered, it’s time to look into creating a hype. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are a great way to start and maintain a conversation even before event day approaches. Some event companies in Singapore, or event company Singapore can advise further on this.

2. First impressions matter

It only takes 7 seconds to make a good first impression, according to Forbes. Do as much as possible to ensure that the first impression remains the best impression. This includes making sure you have enough staff on standby to welcome guests. A professional event company Singapore would not look at stinging on the important matters. If you're hiring an event company Singapore, don't forget to check on how many staff will be assigned that night to ensure guests' comfort.

3. Choose the perfect emcee

Event emcees or hosts can make or break your event. Emcees can keep audiences engaged and peeling over in laughter, or fail to attract and bore audiences to leave events. Therefore selecting the right emcee is very important.

4. Set the mood of the event

Setting the event environment mood with lights, colours, scents and layouts can determine the overall audiences' feelings toward the event and event theme. Good lighting choices can also make great photographs which people will share on their social media platforms. The most unique fun-loving shots make for memorable photographs, which in turn make for memorable events. Speak to your event company Singapore about lightings and layouts for the perfect event environment.

5. Don’t forget to thank your guests, partners and staff

Having invested tons of time, effort and money into preparing the perfect event for your guests, it would be a shame to not make an impression at the end. A simple gesture of appreciation for their time spent and effort taken to attend your event will go a long way to complete the perfect event night.

We hope that with these 5 simple steps, we've helped you create a memorable event with your friends, family and guests.

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