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How To Dress Right For Conferences (For Men)

Event Company Singapore: First impressions count, and they especially matter at an event where you’re meeting dozens of industry professionals face-to-face for the first time, i.e. a conference in this case. Thus, looking sharp and presentable is important when it comes to big, crowded events where judgments get made in a hurry and everyone only has so much time and there’s more people to talk to than they could ever manage. Here are some ways to dress up right and look every inch the working professional at a conference:

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Industry & type of conference

What kind of event is the conference you're going to? Is it conservative, trendy, etc? You want to fit into at least the most general possible characterisation you can think of, but a suit and tie is going to look out of place at events such as gardening and landscaping seminars or dog training exhibitions. The type of conference you’re attending is also relevant: a half-day seminar followed by a dinner event requires social dress, while several full days of panels and talks would call for a more formal business standard attire. Neckties up until dinner is a good rule of thumb in most business climates, while evening outfits should be a little more relaxed.

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City & Country

While the conference guests set much of the tone, it’s worth remembering that every hotel or convention center is a product of its environment thus the staff and guests play a salient part in how you look as part of the crowd. For example, American settings are less formal than equivalent events in Western European or South Asian countries, although large cities are an exception. Assuming everyone at the conference will be well-dressed, it behooves you to wear your business attire plus a touch or two of fashion, like a pocket square or an interesting cut of coat, for instance. Dress neatly and well within the boundaries of your profession and try to avoid seeming too aloof for your own good.

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Climate & activity schedule

The hotel you're staying at would be generally climate-controlled, long sleeves and a jacket will usually be fine, though the jacket may need to be light, particularly in the winter when indoor temperatures are raised. If the conference moves beyond the hotel, however, be sure to take exterior temperatures into account, as a good suit loses its appeal very quickly when the wearer is sweating and flushed. How active you plan on being is also extremely relevant: if the schedule includes multiple events over a long day, a change of underclothes or even shirt and jacket may be worth bringing.

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Position & Goals

When it comes to what is their primary goal/s of attending a conference, most people will usually fall into one of two basic categories: shopping for people or selling themselves, so dress to represent yourself as what you need. Hiring managers may want more of a “power” look with navy blazers and bright ties, while job-seekers will need to look traditional and respectable in conservative colours and patterns, and self-promoting experts can always use a few original touches in their outfit. The key to remember here is that all of these people are always selling themselves, and even a well-placed man who likes where he is in life can always benefit from looking like the right guy to talk to.

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