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How To Network With People At Events

Event Company Singapore: Going to events is a great way of meeting new people from many an event company Singapore, and networking with potential clients. But it can be an anxiety-ridden process, where you have put on a brave face in front of others whilst struggling to deal with your insecurities and fears deep inside. But it doesn't have to be a literal nightmare for you, in fact here are some tips to help you network with people at any given event:

Have a conversation topic on hand

Get a topic of conversation on hand to break the ice so to speak, the last thing you want is an uncomfortably long silence between you and the people you're trying to get to know. Have a few topics up your sleeve prior, it can be anything ranging from sports to music or even what their favourite event company Singapore is. Use these topics to connect with people on a personal level to lighten the mood.

Make other people become interested in you

A great way to attract attention from other people is being memorable, and what better way than being a good storyteller? Tell a relatable yet candid story based off your own experiences and add a little punchline towards the end, be it a takeaway or even a lighthearted joke. Being able to tell a good story without sounding artificial makes for people from any event company Singapore to be invested in you personality-wise.

End conversations on a good note

Ending a conversation can end up being an awkward and downright painful experience, so to avoid ending things abruptly akin to breaking up with your ex, make eye contact with your guests, especially those from an event company Singapore, and thank them for a lovely conversation and a "See you soon" or any other amiable greeting without sounding forced or contrived.

Check your ego at the door

Don't let your ego take the wheel and steer, be open and as amiable and personable without being forceful. Not everyone you meet, be it a total stranger or someone you know from another event company Singapore, will vibe with you personality-wise so don't take things personally and move on to the next person whom you think you could mingle with.

Lighten up!

Loosen up and have fun, take comfort in the fact you have many a trick up your sleeve to make conversing with other guests interesting and lively!

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