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How To Prepare For Awards Ceremonies

Event Company Singapore: The time has come! After months of planning, collating info, crafting your written submission and maybe even presenting to a panel of judges, it all leads up to the big day: the award ceremony. So, what can you expect at the event? Glitz, glamour, post-awards dancing and drinking? To help you navigate through what else you can expect, here’s a few insights:

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What might happen on Awards Night

Most award ceremonies tend to be split up into four key components: Drinks reception, where attendees are given a chance to socialise and network around the bar ahead of being seated; Dinner, usually a three or four-course meal, with tables usually consisting of 10 or 12 guests; Award presentations, the big moment that you’ve all been waiting for; Post-awards bar and entertainment, usually the likes of a disco or casino depending on the theme of the ceremony.

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What to do when collecting your award

For those lucky enough to collect a trophy on stage, sadly it’s unlikely you’ll get the chance to give a speech thanking your colleagues and family for believing in you. Due to time constraints, it’s usually just a quick handshake with the compere and sponsor, a photo, and then back off to your table while you take in the enormity of winning probably your first award. However, it is common for award organisers to do post-stage interviews, where you get escorted to a separate room to give a speech to camera, which will ultimately be posted on the awards website.

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Final Tips Of The Day

Bring some cash as most awards will feature a charity collection or raffle mid-way through dinner, with an envelope on the table for donations; Make sure you catch the eye of the photographer, as they're usually be walking around taking photos throughout the course of the event, and it’s a great opportunity to get a professional group photo of your team; Remember to ask the event company Singapore organisers for copies of your photos in the weeks following the event. Some organisers will send you relevant photos as a matter of course, but often you’ll need to give them a nudge, and don’t be surprised if there’s a small fee required to get copies of them. Above all, support and respect your fellow nominees. Whether you win or lose, be gracious and sporting, and remember that there’s always next year! Event Company Singapore

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