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How To Promote Your Events On Social Media

Event Company Singapore: There’s so much to do when it comes to event promotions; the last thing we think about is how to actually get people to show up to our event and simply enjoy themselves. Therefore, we’ve compiled some simple ways to promote your event using social media as a whole:

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Create a Facebook event

Facebook events are ubiquitous, and millions of users tend to see them, interact with them, and, most importantly, get event information from them every day. Promoting your event via your business Facebook page allows for followers who land on your business page for other reasons to learn more about your event, and followers who are invited to your Facebook event can invite their friends in the process.

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Creating Facebook ads

Facebook ads can target certain demographics of your choosing so you can be sure to reach your target audience, which will likely give you a higher conversion rate. Using a professional-looking image is also crucial, as there is so much other visual stimulation on Facebook and you want to stand out. Since you’ll be using the ads to connect with new potential customers, you want to make the best first impression.

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Post a highlights video on social media

Show your customers what they can expect from an event hosted by you by creating a video of highlights from last year’s event, then post it on your YouTube channel and/or on your Facebook page to share it with your friends and followers. Click-worthy videos always have an attention-grabbing thumbnail that entices people to press play, so make sure yours stands out in a good way.

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Design your own Snapchat geofilter

Snapchat is a booming social media network and it’s not just for teens either; tons of businesses are using it to communicate with customers by showing behind-the-scenes preparations and one-on-one interactions to establish personal connections. There’s a certain exclusivity about geofilters that make them desirable. Users can only use the filter if they’re in a certain place at a certain time, even at your event. People snapping geofiltered videos and photos of the event to their friends generates a lot of buzz, which can be especially useful if your event happens on a regular (monthly/annual) basis.

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event company Singapore

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