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How To Make Your Hybrid Event A Huge Success

Hybrid Event Company Singapore - Hybrid events have become all the rage these days in the wake of the pandemic, but because they're a dime a dozen it can be hard to distinguish one hybrid event from the other content-wise. But not to worry, as a hybrid event company Singapore organizer ourselves, we're here to help you ensure your event can become a rousing success with our helpful tips and tricks here:

Introduce live Q&A sessions into your event

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If you want your event to have that interactive element, connect your virtual and live attendees with Q&A sessions to facilitate upfront discussion with keynote speakers. Through your hybrid event company Singapore organizer, you can encourage both audiences to submit questions and answer topics to increase engagement and interaction; for example, your virtual attendees may ask a question that may not have been on the minds of live attendees or vice versa. This provides a great opportunity to gain double the knowledge and double the feedback.

Create virtual sessions that allow for collaborations

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If the in-person attendees are in breakout sessions, your hybrid event company Singapore organizer can give your virtual attendees the same opportunity to participate in said sessions. Myriad virtual streaming providers can create breakout rooms within the meeting. Hence, you may gather your virtual attendees and have them connect in smaller groups so they can also build that community.

Offer on-demand content for your attendees

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Keeping your virtual audience’s attention in front of a computer screen is much more difficult than keeping the attention of attendees who are live at the event itself. Your virtual attendees may have to take more breaks throughout the day, or they may only be able to join the event for an hour or two at a time. Hence, your hybrid event company Singapore organizer can make sure that most of your content is offered on-demand to allow virtual attendees to easily access it at their convenience.

Give your attendees something to get excited about

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During a live event, it is quite common to announce to your audiences what sessions or topics will be introduced following a break. With the help of your hybrid event company Singapore organizer, ensure this same experience is provided for your virtual attendees. Have your hybrid event company Singapore representative remind your virtual attendees of the agenda schedule to allow them to attend the next session at their own convenience. In addition, you can even use a gamified app experience to keep them entertained during the break and excited for the next session.


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