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Ideas For Charity Fundraising Events

Event Company Singapore: Many charity fundraising campaigns have taken a more traditional approach, such as an online peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, while others tend to do something a bit different and spice it up. Charity events don’t just raise money for your charity, they also help to engage your supporters and bring publicity to your cause. Hence, let's look at a few ideas to make charity fundraisers more creative:

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Go skydiving for charity

Whether you’re a sky-jumping pro or a novice who has a tremendous fear of heights, you’re bound to remember every single jump for sure. Yet, people will jump out of a plane for your cause, partly because they love what you do, and also because some just love all that adrenaline. There are most communities that have a skydiving outfit that’ll be willing to work with you to plan the event so get in touch with them.

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One-day online fundraiser

If you’re working on a fixed budget or timeframe, a one-day online fundraiser is one of the best charity event ideas for your organization. Choose a day that means something to your organization or those you help, for instance if you're looking to organise a fundraiser dealing with environmental issues, you can host it on Earth Day. Once you’ve selected a date, create a campaign theme and get started putting your website together. Don’t wait until the day of the event to promote it though, let your donors know ahead of time about the campaign so they have time to prepare and/or help spread the word.

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Facebook Live

Using Facebook Live is one of the most affordable and creative charity event ideas. Be sure to let your supporters know ahead of time the day, time, and any pertinent fundraiser details such as any guest speakers, goals, and topics of discussion and encourage your supporters to connect with you on Facebook. Once you go “Live,” your followers will be able to interact where they can comment, write in their intended pledge and “Like” your feed, also include a link to your donation page in your description so you can capture those donations.

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Running a 5k/Marathon

Even though almost every charity is organising a running road race such as a 5k or marathon, these events are extremely popular due to their potential to bring in some serious income for your charity. Numerous charity organisations around the world have used marathons as a way to raise awareness for their cause and also a significant amount of donations as well. For example, Get REAL encouraged runners to raise $150 as part of the “Running for Love 5k.”

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