Last-Minute Promotion Ideas For Events

Event Company Singapore: Granted, there will be times when you are tasked with organising and promoting an event in a short amount of time prior to its launch, which could be weeks away. There will be a certain degree of pressure attached, yet it is definitely doable with the right strategies. Here are some last-minute event promotion ideas to help you out:

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Get more people onboard

Promoting an event isn’t and shouldn’t be a one-man job so get others involved to ease the burden. Be it colleagues, freelancers, affiliates or sponsors, reach out and ask for help. Of course, some will help out of generosity and others simply because it’s their job. However, to really ramp up the motivation, reward them for the results of their efforts, e.g. create some sort of tier-based reward system whenever a amount of tickets are sold. In addition to offering incentives, you can also include a referral programme and reward both the person that made the referral and the new person that was brought in to help promote your company.

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Create a 'trigger event'

You can add value to the ticket by creating a trigger event before the day of the original event the ticket is intended for. For example, you can create an online live seminar hosted by a well-known guest speaker which will only be available to those who purchased a ticket, thus ticket holders will be able to sign in using the ticket’s registration number. A trigger event such as this adds value to the ticket by giving the ticket holder more bang for the buck.

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Reach out to high-prospect guests

Reach out to high prospect consumers personally and offer them exclusive incentives. Address them by name when contacting them on social media, email, or text and customise the message so that it’s personal for the particular recipient and is obviously not a generic greeting. You can also consider sending them a paper invitation via traditional mail, which can include a handwritten message and even a complimentary discount code or coupon as a show of goodwill on your end and a way of saying thank you even if they decide not to come to your event.

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2-for-1 purchase offers

If you’re working within a limited time frame, you may simply be unable to sell all of your tickets despite your best efforts. You might as well put them to good use one way or another by selling the tickets in bundles of two for the price of one and promote this as a “bring your friend along” type of deal. Conversely, you can also give the tickets away for free in exchange for some type of action, such as “liking” or sharing a certain number of your social media content. Every ticket should be used at the end even if you can’t sell them, thus ensuring you acquire the desired turnout.

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event company Singapore

event company Singapore

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