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Optimise Audio For Live Streaming Events

Live Streaming Singapore - Whether your are holding an online wedding, a small group webinar, or a music festival streamed to hundreds of people through the screen, the quality of sound can make or break the success of that event. When you are broadcasting anything live, there’s no stopping the event or starting over. This means that your equipment and set-up (including prepping for clear and concise audio) has to be at the top of your checklist.

Read on to find out how to optimise your audio for any live streaming Singapore event:

Why Audio Is So Important

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Audio is the most important part of any live streaming Singapore event. Your best bet to ensuring the occasion runs smoothly is to engage an experienced events management agency that can deliver excellence 100% of the time. Watching any live streaming Singapore event with poor sound quality can make the experience extremely unpleasant - even more so if your participants or viewers have paid to be a part of the online affair.

Invest In Good Equipment

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Investing in a good set of equipment can make a world of a difference. This does not have to break your bank. You can find many good, affordable options within different budget ranges. Purchase a decent camera and mic - this will pay off when you have a satisfied audience at the end of your live streaming Singapore event.

External microphones are the simplest way to improve the quality of your live streaming Singapore event. For example, invest in USB and 3.5mm microphones for better sound throughout your event. Your audience will thank you for it!

Monitor The Audio

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Q: How can you consistently capture great audio? A: Lots of practice and intentional monitoring of your audio. Here are some useful tips to ensure you get the best sounding video and footage, all the time:

  • Decide if it’s a one-man show to a bigger crew handling all your live streaming Singapore event video and audio needs. This changes how you set-up your equipment and sound.

  • Test all your devices, camera, mics, headphones, batteries etc beforehand. Do the best to eliminate any unwanted technical difficulties during the live streaming Singapore event.

Up Your Mic Game

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Most online events involve one or more speakers. Having microphone with decent quality can really allow your live streaming Singapore event to live up to your audience’s expectations. Your choice of microphone can be very effective in reducing many unwanted elements like background noise and wind noise, as well as ensure that you generally have a really crisp sound, and clear dialogue.

Leave It Up To The Experts

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Live Streaming Singapore - Whether it’s a concert or an interview, if you are looking for studio-grade camera and audio production, contact a reputable events management company like Se7en Friday to take care of all your needs. Leave your events details in the hands of experts who have done this a million times, is your best bet to ensuring your viewers get an excellent sound quality and experience.


Singapore's Leading Virtual & Live Streaming

Event Management Company

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Click here to contact virtual event company Se7en Friday for your virtual event & live streaming event purposes.

We look forward to introducing you to our friendly & experienced team to assist you to get your event, virtual!

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