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How To Organise A Live Streaming Dinner & Dance In Singapore

Live Streaming Singapore - Live streaming events online are now a big part of the new normal way of organising and delivering both smaller scale as well as major events. From webinars and conferences, to company dinner and dance events, to larger festivals and exhibitions - there are many creative, and engaging ways to put together any type of live streaming Singapore event.

Read on to find out how to organise the best live streaming Singapore virtual Dinner & Dance:

Bring On Live Entertainment

Live Streaming Singapore - Live Streaming 1

Apart from engaging an excellent emcee to guide your live streaming Singapore event to success, it also makes a huge difference to bring on a variety of live entertainment to elevate the experience from one that is ordinary to one that all your staff will remember and talk about in the following years.

As most events have now shifted to live streaming Singapore platforms, it is important to choose performances that can captivate through the screen. Broadcast a live singer or cover band from warm cozy set, or bring on a magician or illusionist to captivate your staff online. You can even hire a professional comedian to do a segment!

Deliver Dinner

Live Streaming Singapore - Live Streaming 2

Most company staff really look forward to the food aspect of any Dinner & Dance event. Instead of just having them sit down in front of their screens and watch the event through live streaming, deliver their dinners to their doorsteps!

If the budget makes sense for your event, you can choose from a range of foods to fit the vibe of the party you are creating. From light finger food, to pizzas or even just coffee, tea and cakes - the options are limitless.

Set The Right Theme

Live Streaming Singapore - Live Streaming 3

While every Dinner & Dance requires a great theme to engage its participants and allows them to come appropriately prepared, this is even more important for any live streaming Singapore company event.

The staff will likely not be getting the same amount of physical interaction with their colleagues as they normally would, and the right theme will allow them to feel like they are not missing out on that aspect. For example, choose a theme that will allow them to dress in a way that shows up well on screen, or have them decorate their backgrounds to the theme.

Engage The Best Support

Live Streaming Singapore - Live Streaming 4

Engage an event company that is well-versed in all the different aspects that make a live streaming Singapore Dinner & Dance successful. From curated online entertainment, to being socially enabled to being experts in live streaming Singapore games and events. The support you choose to ensure an excellent event is delivered should also have the best organising process.

Singapore's Leading Virtual & Live Streaming Singapore Event Management Company

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