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Pre-Recorded Content VS Live Streaming Events

Live Streaming Singapore - Whether you are holding a fun online occasion like a dinner and dance or a charity fundraising, or you are organising a more serious affair like a conference or webinar series, there are many entertaining ways to ensure your live streaming Singapore event runs smoothly.

Read on to find out why creating a mix of both pre-recorded and live streaming content is the best way to go for any online event.

Higher Interactivity

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Recording all of your video content for an online event beforehand is a great way to ensure very little goes wrong, however it takes away a lot of the authenticity and real-time engagement that most audiences crave when they participate in a virtual or live streaming Singapore event.

Live streaming Singapore events are highly interactive, and participants tend to stay engaged and find less excuse to be distracted. This is the fastest way to get people to view, like and share your product/service or event.

Relating A Message Or Story

Live Streaming Singapore - Live Streaming Events 2

If your main purpose and goal of the live streaming Singapore event you are holding is to convey a certain message or persuade your audience, mixing in content or videos that are pre-recorded can help to really drive that message home.

With pre-recorded storytelling, you can edit and re-edit your content to make sure that what you are trying to convey drives home to your audience. Live recording is more prone to mistakes and going off script. This can dilute your brand messaging.

Less Costly

Live Streaming Singapore - Live Streaming Events 3

Mixing in live streaming Singapore content into your online event is a good way to reduce your costs. It is possible to run a live streaming event with very little budget. If you have limited budget and time, doing a live event on platforms like Instagram and Facebook could be the right tool for your success.

Being Creative

Live Streaming Singapore - Live Streaming Events 4

Pre-recorded events tend to allow space for more creativity and fun ideas. Engage an expert events company to combine this wonderful tool into your live streaming Singapore event so that it elevates the audience experience.

There are pros and cons to both types of video content. Sit down with your team to discuss which parts work best with pre-recorded content and which work better streamed live.


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We look forward to introducing you to our friendly & experienced team to assist you to get your event, virtual!


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