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More Catering Ideas For Corporate Events

Event Company Singapore: As we all know by now, good food makes for a good mood, and if you can impress your guests with an excellent menu, the chances are you can set a positive vibe for the whole event. Here are more event catering ideas that will help you ensure your attendees leave the venue in a good mood:

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Creative food stations

If you want to provide your guests with something more of a vibrant and unique experience, set up several thematic food stations throughout the venue. The key benefit of this idea is that you give people the option to pick their dish, determine their portion size, or even cook it themselves. Following the popular DIY trend in catering, you can just assemble some sets of ingredients at separate stations and encourage people to experiment with flavours. To make it even more engaging, ask guests to guess the cuisine or to compete against each other to prepare the best dish with the given ingredients.

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Food referrals

This is the perfect idea for internal company events where attendees already know each other and you can maximise engagement by asking people to order meals for their colleagues based on what they know about their preferences and food choices. This helps build a big pre-event food referrals campaign that can be managed through a survey. Through food referrals, attendees will get the food they love, and you can strengthen networking by asking guests to guess who ordered a meal for them. This way, people will be excited to find out how well their colleagues know them.

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Food trucks

No time to install a bar or prepare a buffet area? Hire a food truck instead. From vintage food trailers to “travelling bars,” you’ll find lots of mobile options for spreading food and drinks across the venue. The huge advantage of mobile catering vehicles is that you can brand them in a variety of ways, thus strengthening your marketing efforts. Just place logos or any signage on a truck, and you don’t have to worry about branding anymore.

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