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More Fantastic Drink Ideas For Your Event

Event Company Singapore: We're back with more ways to spice up your guests' day! Here are more wild and wacky ideas on how to serve drinks at your event in style, enjoy

Flowery cocktails

Putting flowers in drinks may seem almost too good to be true, but think of it this way: have you ever heard of this rose-flavoured drink called bandung before? Anyways, you can spice up your favourite cocktails or any alcoholic beverage of choice by adding in some vibrant colourful flowers along with some crushed ice to improve the flavour profile and add that dash of pizazz as well. Of course, make sure your event company Singapore orders flowers that can actually be used in drinks and are edible, on top of being properly oxygenated.

Alcoholic milkshakes

If your event company Singapore is hosting an adult-themed retro party event for baby boomers and the like, this could be the perfect beverage for such an event. Hire bartenders adroit at concocting such intriguing blends to conjure up some crazy milkshakes of the alcoholic kind (strawberry daiquri milkshakes, anyone?) that will leave your guests coming back for more.

Fire it up

This next one's guaranteed to leave guests hot and bothered: set their tastebuds ablaze with some flaming cocktails to light up their night. With a skilled bartender at the helm (hired by your event company Singapore of course), the blue flame creates an intense flavour profile guaranteed to tingle tastebuds. Shake it up to set the entire drink alight, or use a thin layer at the top for an intense flame that will burn brightly for just a few seconds.

Adding cookies to the mix

If your event company Singapore is hosting a special event where guests would have a really sweet tooth, why not incorporate some cookies and such into your alcoholic beverages? You can use cookies as a decorative element a la a lemon slice, or even make a milkshake variation of the traditional cookies 'n' cream ice cream flavour, whatever floats your boat and your guests' tastebuds.

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