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Planning A 'Pyjama Party' Event Tips & Tricks

Event Company Singapore: Pyjama parties are an ideal way to spend time with your friends when celebrating a special occasion such as your birthday. Hosting the perfect pyjama party can be fun and easy if you prepare accordingly thus making a guest list, gathering supplies, and planning activities ahead of time is important. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can have an unforgettable pyjama party:

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Work out the details of the party

First, make a guest list including all the people you wish to invite to your party to determine the size of the room and on how many guests you can have over. Once that is done, send out written invitations to your guests or create a Facebook event for the party. Your invites should contain pertinent details such as the date and location of the party, what time to show up and the duration of the party, what date to RSVP by, attire and things to bring, etc. Send out the invitations at least 2 weeks in advance, and set the location for the event to accommodate the confirmed number of guests.

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Planning activities for the event

When it comes to events such as a pyjama party, it's important have a slew of activities lined up so your guests don't get bored too easily. From video games to board games to pyjama party classics like truth or dare, set aside a few games that you know most of your friends like playing and let your friends vote on which ones they would like to play. You can also make a list of activities beforehand, such as homemade spa treatments, karaoke or making a pillow fort, that all-time classic. Food is just as essential, unless you don't mind hungry and angry guests, so time to whip up some traditional classics such as popcorn (sweet/salty/etc), chips and fruits for the health-conscious. Make sure to find out if they have any allergies first, and get disposable cutlery and plates as well.

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Finalising last-minute details and preparations

Pick out a theme for your party and decorate accordingly. For example, if you're having a Kpop-themed slumber party, you can have guests dress up like their favourite idols and have similarly-themed treats in line with the theme. Balloons and streamers are always quintessential favourites when it comes to pyjama parties, so decorate your party with lots of them! Also, party favours are a great addition, but they are more reserved for birthdays and other such special occasions. Lastly, after the party's over, don't forget to clean up after your guests and put away the food unless you like having "uninvited guests" over!

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